Perkinstown Outhouse Challenge

OUTHOUSE RACE CHANGED SEASONS – see you on Independence Day!

The Perkinstown Outhouse Challenge is held annually in conjunction with the Perkinstown Fourth of July Parade and Park Festivities by the Kathryn Lake boat landing. CWRC also puts together a renowned fish boil. People come from near and far to enjoy Alaska halibut and fresh veggies boiled over an open fire on site. Take part in this Wisconsin tradition, enjoy a fantastic meal and support a good cause – try our fish boil at the Outhouse Challenge!

Gone are the days of pushing an outhouse uphill through the snow on skiis and then chasing it back downhill hoping no one loses control, crashes, or thinks they are dying from over-exersion. This year’s “race” will be on a flat track, with wheels mounted on the outhouses (see official rules for specifications). It will also consist of several challenges rather than just racing. When each team races to a challenge, all five team members must complete the challenge before racing on to the next one.

Outhouse Apparel is available on-site at the event held annually on the fourth of July.

Outhouse Apparel is available on-site at the event held annually on the fourth of July.

Come out and see or participate in such things as “TP Toss” or “Plunger Relay” as you race around the Perkinstown Park ball diamond. It is sure to be a spectacle! Official outhouse apparel will be available on-site the day of the event.

Outhouse Race

Teams consists of five members: four pushers/pullers and one to sit on the pot. Racing outhouses can be quite simple, but they must be built according to the official rules. Get creative and get ready to have fun! There will be a FOOD AND BEER ON SITE – NO CARRY-INS ARE ALLOWED. See you there!

2016 Official Race Rules

Click here for PDF version of the official rules

Click here to download the registration form and waiver

1. THRONE SPECIFICATIONS: Structure must be made of plywood, tin or any other sturdy material. Basic structure must be at least 4 feet by 4 feet wide (excluding handles and wheels) and no less than 6 feet tall. There will be no cardboard, visqueen, tarp or tarp-like structures. The racing outhouse must have an open front or back, a roof, a seat with a hole inside and a full floor. No motors. No glass. Not more than one half of any wall may be window. No explicit language or pornographic displays allowed on or in the outhouse.

Competitors taking part in the TP Challenge in 2015.

Competitors taking part in the TP Challenge in 2015.

2. THE TEAM: Each outhouse must have exactly five people. One or more of the pushers/pullers may join the race at any point after the start or may cut the course short, but all five team members must complete each of the four challenges and all cross the finish line before timing will be complete. Each person on the outhouse racing team must be 16 years or older and must provide proof of age. One team member must be riding in the outhouse any time it is moving – the rider must get out to complete the required challenge and then return before continuing the race course. The rider must wear a DOT approved helmet. The rider may switch with a pusher/puller as long as the outhouse has stopped and the rider is wearing a helmet while riding. Each person participating in the Perkinstown Outhouse Race does so at their own risk and must complete and sign a liability release form. This event is not for the weak-hearted.

3. RACE ENTRY FEE/REGISTRATION: The entry fee is $25.00 per team. All team entry fees received will be used as prize money. Registration will begin at 11:00 am at the Perkinstown Park and go until the start of the parade at 1:00 pm. Please have your team registered before 1:00 pm. Each team member will need to sign a liability waiver prior to racing.

web_09014. CATEGORIES AND PRIZES: There will be three categories for racing this year:

  • Men’s: all five team members are men (or four male pushers and one female rider)
  • Women’s: all five team members are women (or four female pushers and one male rider)
  • Co-ed: Minimum of two female pushers

If a category has a large number of teams entered to race, that category may be divided into separate age divisions with separate prizes. This designation will be determined by the race marshall before the start of the race and all teams will be notified at the pre-race meeting. A team’s age will be determined by averaging all pushers/pullers ages (years old on race day – no partial years/ months will be counted). In the event that the rider will switch to pusher at one point during the race, their age will also be included in the average age.

Trophies will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place finishers in each category/division with the money going to the 1st place teams. There will also be trophies honored to the farthest travelling outhouse and Prettiest Potty (most original). Prettiest Potty will be determined by spectator voting at the event.

web_09485. TIMING/RACE START: The pre-race meeting will begin shortly after the completion of the Perkinstown Parade (parade starts at 1:00 pm) which should be approximately 2:00 pm. The actual race will begin immediately following the pre-race meeting. Each outhouse will depart the starting line following the finishing of the previous team and announcement. Method of timing will be with a hand-held stop watch. Race order will be determined by drawing numbers at the pre-race meeting.

6. RE-USING A THRONE: In the instance that two teams share a racing outhouse, there must be at least three new racers.

7. DISPUTE: The Race Marshall will have the final decision concerning the inspection of the outhouses and interpretation of all outhouse rules. Questions and concerns must be addressed prior to racing.

8. No carry-ins please. This is a fundraising event. Food, beer and soda are available on-site. Please visit or call Tonia at (715) 965-7272 or Ron at (715) 785-7595 for more information.